No Leave WoW Classic alone

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No Leave WoW Classic alone


Post autor: MMOexpshop » 5 paź 2019, o 08:01

I completely agree here. I think that a fantastic aspect to really go into WoW Classic would be to think of what patches would comprise after 1.12.1 when TBC was never published. Class balancing would unquestionably be a thing.Making classes more balanced could provide more flavor to WoW Classic. Creating more reasons to perform different classes with classic wow gold. And by equilibrium I do not mean making them the same, just more evenly viable picks for their planned purposes. Like me. I really like Enhancement Shamans, but that I can't really play it late game in PVE.One of the best items with TBC was the Tier places that became optimized for distinct class specializations. I would be available for this also.

For a story point. Like the Gnome who takes us back in time at the trailer, this could probably create an alternate world. In the beginning it's looks identical at that moment of time, but the result changes increasingly over time. My fantasy is a more or less unchanged WoW Classic (just minor changes), a later launch of TBC with slightly more changes and then even more in WoTLK. Subsequently Cataclysm never occurred.

No because the moment you start to rebalance classes you have to begin creating gear and tier collections for those specs that were not viable in WoW Classic. Plus some specs are not viable without certain abilities. Take the Prot Pally for example, they're useless without a taunt ability. Plus if you take Boomkin they do not have any gear. So more than course balance must change so no minute you start messing with classes the minute you begin opening the door for every other change such as LFD/R. And yes people cry they don't have any taunts to get a pally that change will get made they will bitch that its too hard to find a group bam you got LFD. No Leave WoW Classic alone. What should happen is that you determine how viable a old college game layout such as that is subsequently create a new game with better class balance but with old school WOW designs in leveling, dungeons and raids.Okay, I'm seeing a lot of opinions here who are contending against things I never said, and misrepresenting my argument. A lot of people seemed to have completely missed the point I was making from the video to buy wow gold classic, so I will likely make a video explaining my point farther and reacting to a number of the comments which are annoying me.Make sure you have actually watched the video and listened to my real fucking words prior to going tearing at straw men, ok? Thanks.Plenty of interesting remarks too, I truly appreciate some of the argumentation and found some remarks very fascinating, so thanks for those.