PVP similar in the psychological response

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PVP similar in the psychological response


Post autor: MMOexpshop » 30 wrz 2019, o 06:59

May I add my two cents two your guys debate? I have been playing RuneScape since October of 2009 I do love the match with a passion yet I totally understand where Steve is coming from RuneScape gold is far from my favourite games that would need to visit the DarkSouls/BloodBorne games in terms of depth of battle level design and story yet lots of the underlying mechanics of loss in spirits games reminds me of why I adore runescape.let me clarify I'm a die hard pvper in both rs and dark spirits I use chiefly a pure on runescape they're called twinks in darksouls from salt and spite from others I really like to strip the hard earned loot out of my enemies as far as I really like to gank spank a squad to stop my target from getting to the boss or another check point to create them loose all of the xp to their next level.

Not only is the pvp similar in the psychological response I get but additionally the questing is as well in terms of intrigue the simple fact that you need to listen and get absorbed into the planet when you have any possibility of completing it without guides.even therefore that I concur with BOTH OF YOU 100% I know that this sounds strange but I believe you both have great points that come down to opinions on the gaming climate as a whole that run far deeper than runescape and represent two paradigms in what's considered"good design" before I eoc came out I had the specific same view as you Steve trust me but as the years went on I grew to love what the match provided to me and represented as a player killer my own aims where defined and set.

Once you know proper optimisation it requires little time to reach base 50s even foundation 80s in nearly all skills but back when it was eoc times our civilization was different it was about hanging out with calns flipping and scamming joking in miniature game lobbies and bitching about the mill in the ge while finding the upcoming vague money making method and over time that culture creates a gap in the way the game is supposed to be played with iron guys versus the contemporary rs player iron guys wish to relive the times of old aka 2006 and ahead of in which the grind was the match and in itself is a mindset before my time since the culture of runescape was different then yet I wouldn't call a iron man stupid because he loves the pavlovion grind because it was a different sport and culture then as it is now how it was played was different.

Fire making as of 2018 is among the quickest and funist skills to train imo with new content reworking skills to be more varied in how you decide to train them without making the old approaches obsolete and jagex really has grown to care about the playerbase over the years more so today than ever.I think you both represent different eras of rsgoldfast life where the player base has been fed up with jagexs shit and yet another that pushed through to see the match as best as its ever been.as for the battle of the match it's VERY SIMPLISTIC VERY PERCISE and for me a veteran dark spirits vet with a sl 20 wl1 onto ng7 in the most recent darksouls game a wonderful change of pace using the same psychological satisfaction sometimes more that feeling is similar to a modern day masterpiece of good game design and runescape could recreate that using a few straightforward clicks I feel that isn't a simple feat to achieve that is my two pennies thank you for listening.